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Brass & Sass

Women Training Women

Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure a comfortable and safe educational environment which is free of judgement and open to women of all skill levels. We strive to provide women with the fundamentals on firearm safety and operation, while going above and beyond to create confidence, empowerment, and self-reliance. We recognize that each woman has her own unique reasons for becoming educated, proficient, and safe with firearms. The objective of Brass & Sass is to set the groundwork needed to focus on core shooting principals. Whether her goal is marksmanship, an introduction to competitive shooting, home defense, concealed carrying, or just looking to get outside of her comfort zone, we commit to supporting our students. Our promise is to assist in creating a solid foundation by dedicating the necessary time to assist each woman in reaching her fullest potential, safely and confidently, through firearm instruction and education. We are women training women!

Latest News!

Check out our very own instructor Sandra Zettlemoyer as she appears in an episode of "Riding Shotgun with Charlie" Youtube Channel.

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Upcoming Events

No scheduled events this month

Our Story

Brass & Sass, LLC. was developed in 2020, in order to help women safely learn to use firearms.
We provide optimal training for all experience levels and encourage the development of educated, safe, and responsible gun owners.

All of our courses are designed to assist with the fundamentals of shooting and encourage firearm safety.

The structure of our company is to provide the skills, knowledge and confidence required to safely own, safely store, and effectively handle firearms.

With our experience in the competitive shooting industry, we provide the confidence and preparation for women to actively participate in the competitive shooting sports arena should they want, as well as provide the confidence and preparation for women to confidently operate their firearms in the capacity they so choose.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons by the hour so you can get the training you are looking for, at a speed you are comfortable with.

What can we cover?

  • How to safely shoot pistols, revolvers, rifles, and/or shotguns
Private instruction is for 1-2 people, if you have a larger group please contact us with details.

Our certified instructors are trained to tailor each appointment to your individual needs.

We can help you work on the specific skills you are looking to develop. Most appointments start off with going over the basic safety rules, and any questions you may have, in the classroom.
Then we head out onto the range and get to the fun part!

If interested in Private Lessons please contact us by clicking on the button below.